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Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass SurgeryGastric Bypass Surgery, weight loss is achieved by reducing the functional portion of the stomach to a pouch one ounce or less in size, and by creating a stoma, a small opening between the stomach and the intestine. After the procedure, the small size of the stomach pouch causes the patient to have a sensation of fullness after eating only a small portion of food. The small stoma delays stomach emptying, making the sensation of fullness last longer.

The operation is performed based upon each patient’s individual anatomy, their general health status, whatever changes they may have from prior surgeries, and what they hope to achieve from the operation. The stomach compartments can be completely divided from each other or simply partitioned; the small stomach pouch and the intestinal limbs may be connected to each other with either staples or sutures; a small band may be placed around the stomach pouch; and the two intestinal limbs may be made longer or shorter.